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Our daily life is accompanied by stress, fatigue, and aches … Overexertion leads to a variety of problems, therefore it is very important to learn how to defend yourselves from negative consequences. In order for the body to function harmoniously, the main condition is complete relaxation.

Floatarium is an oasis of peace and quietness where you can test the unusual yet very pleasant and helpful relaxation procedure. The floatarium design helps to distance yourself from the outside world, provides comfort and calms your senses. This fast and deep relaxation is not possible in any of the other known ways – even while sleeping.Float Lotus Plūduriavimo terapija

To achieve this result with classical meditation techniques, it would require many years of regular exercises. Floating in the floatarium is a real paradise for the body, mind and spirit. It’s water contains a lot of dissolved bitter salt, saturated with magnesium which is highly beneficial for the body. The density of such water is very high, therefore, your body will not sink in it, but float effortlessly. You will experience a full sensation of weightlessness.

The water temperature during the session is constant – 34-35 degrees. You can float in the light of changing colours, or in complete darkness, listening to pleasant music, or in complete silence – choose yourself the environment where you feel totally safe.

Tips before the session

Float Lotus tips before the session:

  • Rather postpone your shave. If you have shaved 2-3 hours before the session – the water will irritate your skin for a few minutes.
  • Remove contact lenses. If salt gets into contact with eyes accidentally, rinse your eyes with plenty of water. When rinsing, the lens may damage the eye or you may lose lenses al together.
  • Use the given ear plugs. This will help to avoid the discomfort and prevent water and salt getting into the ear canal. It will also enhance the sound deprivation. You will be given the ear plugs for free.
  • Avoid drinking coffee, green tea, or energy drinks before the session. Tonic drinks prevent relaxation.
  • Have a light and balanced meal 1-1.5 hours before the session. If you eat hearty food before the session, or are very hungry, you will have to listen your stomach and digestive tract working during the session. We also recommend to avoid indigestible and spicy foods.
  • Use the toilet before the session, so you don’t have to interrupt the session.
  • If you have small wounds – apply vaseline on them.
  • If you have dyed your hair 48 hours before the session – postpone the flotation as it can colour the water.

Price for 1 floatation session is 35 €

Call us +370 655 38033 to register.

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